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Basil Oil

Basil Oil


Agarwood Oil

Agarwood Oil


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Amber Oil


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Amyris Oil


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Agarwood Absolute Oil
Ambrette Absolute Oil
Angelica Root Absolute Oil

Benefits Of Essential Oils

Benefits For Skin & Hair Benefits using Therapeutic Benefits For Internal Health
Protect skin from sun Relieve stress and anxiety Alleviate pains
Treat damaged scalp Bring attention to mind Activate brain function
Thicken hair Reduce headaches & migraines Detract respiratory functions
Eliminate acne scars Detract negative emotions Ease abdominal pain
Reduce aging signs Calm mind and body Improve energy level
Treat broken skin Act as sedatives Balance hormones
Calm irritated skin Reduce nausea Fight against infections

Reviews Given By Our Customers:

Mr. Chris Henry, U.S.A

Verma Fragrance Industries has a huge portfolio of oils, I loved dealing with this company due to its products quality, reasonable prices and punctuality in delivery of every order...

Mr. Michael Johnson U.K.

I am a fixed customer of Verma Fragrance Industries, I regularly purchase Essential Oils from this company. This Indian company values trust and serves me the quality I look for and that too at fair r..

Mr. Charles David, France

I bought Carrier & Floral Absolute Oil from Verma Fragrance Industries, and I'm so happy to use it. The oil is pure and pleasing in fragrance, It is absolutely perfect to be used in hair conditioner, ..