Quality Control

Quality Control

Certificate of Analysis

This is one of the most important documents which are considered for worldwide acceptance. Among all the ‘Technical Documents’, this one presents authentic technical specifications of essential natural oils being aligned with acknowledged standards. Different criteria questioned by various customers can be answered by Certificate of Analysis.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

This particular document is re-evaluated at export or import whether the shipment is done by air or sea. It is an important document for material handling and safety measures of different substances, goods or natural oils.

Specific Gravity (S.G.)

In such business of pure natural oils, we get questions from clients about technical specifications of products, e.g. Specific Gravity. S.G. can be considered as a dimensionless unitexpressed for liquid substances as – its density ratio in comparison with the density of water at specified temperature, mostly 20oC. For oils, their S.G. is the density compared to the water and also referred as ‘relative density’.

In the field of oil manufacturing, specific gravity measurements helps in deciphering the accurate concentrations of ingredients used in the solutions. The ingredient substances are checked on concentration parameters versus S.G. tables. Such accuracy is of great importance for achieving required and perfect analysis.

We make available our natural oils as per their criteria of Specific Gravity. Our company enjoys staying at the number one position because of its technical advancement.

Optical Rotation

This is one of the fastest and common ways to analyse the quality of essential oils by measuring their physical parameters like Refractive Index, Specific Gravity, Specific Rotation or Optical Rotation etc. Specific rotation is considered as a non-destructive way to determine the purity of the ingredients of essential oils.

Polarimeteris an instrument which is used measuring the Specific Rotation and its calculation unit is Degrees (o). The specific rotation of essential oils can be described as optical rotation availed from 1 g/ml oil solution in the 100mm pipe of Polarimeter. In this case, the value α (‘alpha’) mentions the purity value of essential oil.

Gas Chromatography Reports

Gas Chromatography is kind of a workflow or pictorial representation of the percentage of ingredients in just sample or a large quantity volume of natural oils. The report is a technical explanation of quality columns in reporting method through gas chromatography flow. Gas Chromatography Reports is considered very useful for verticals such as environmental sciences, food & beverages, cosmetics, etc. We have attached a sample of analysis report for you. Please take a look at Gas Chromatography apparatus is useful for those in food & beverages, environmental sciences, cosmetics, pharmaceutical industries so that the general public does not inflicted with harmful substances, impurities, and contaminants.

The generation of analysis report is a state-of-art criteria fulfilled for your complete satisfaction.