Delivery Information

Delivery Information

Ordering Information and Shipping Policy of Verma Fragrance Industries


1. Default shipment agents of our company are UPS, DHL and FEDEX.

2. We suggest the best discounted prices to our customers. Our logistic department is not money-making unit for us. The shipping cost is is calculated with the modules of our shipment agents like DHL and FEDEX, assessing annually negotiated prices. We do reserve the rights to alter delivery charges and if this happens, customers are contacted before the order is processed. The shipping quotes created online depends on volume calculation and weight.

3. Substitute shipping is also an option on customer’s request but we take no responsibility for shipping then. The service includes following factors:

i) Customers assessing through their own shipping account
ii) Customers own courier is used
iii) Customers managing for a third party to offer shipping

4. We do not responsibility for any late shipment, loss or damage and customers have to tell us in advance if they require any additional insurance regarding shipment.

5. Orders are mostly shipped within 4 to 5 working days, but there is no such guaranteed given from our side. Delivery can be delayed if there is heavy flow of work.

6. We do not credit or refund late shipment or any other factor which is outside out company’s control.

Tracking of Orders:

Tracking the order is very simple and the procedure is highly systematic. As soon as the order is accepted you will be notified through mail or phone within 24 hours. This e-mail will include the details of orders and the address related to the shipment. You will be later informed when the order is shipped from our end and a tracking code will be provided.

Cancellations of Orders:

Generally, the orders are processed within 2 days of receipt, but the actual time depends on work flow and season. All the orders cancelled after they are accepted at the unit will be charged 10% fees of restocking.