Return Policy

Return Policy

Verma Fragrance Industries have been ensuring complete customer satisfaction since its inception. For the refund, the return of any product can be instituted within a week of receipt of delivery. Return is considered qualified if we get them them received within the next 15 working days.

1. Items for liquidation, final sale or samples cannot be exchanged, returned or refunded. Also, orders of 5, 10, 20 and 180 kgs as well as more than that are non-refundable as well as cannot be returned. Verification of quality and services of our company from local markets is recommended to our clients before purchase.

2. Returns are considered as imports in India and buyers are required to pay 40% duties on CIF value for getting the delivery back. Therefore, all of them are requested to check samples before ordering a large quantity. People who trust our company are everything for us, and we give our best to satisfy them.

3. Subjective returns are assessed 20% restocking amount or minimum of 10$. This policy applies when there is no mistake from our end.

4. If there is an order with flaw from our end, we will unhesitatingly pay for its re-shipment. Return freight is on customers if the mistake is because of misunderstanding on verbal orders. Therefore, we request to always place order in writing.

5. Each return is to be sent to our Indian warehouse for evaluation. Returns should be shipped by  Ground Postal Service, or by the USPS in U.S. to avoid brokerage and custom charges. Customers are responsible for the cost to shipment if done with any other mode.

6. All the returns must be sent in saleable condition and used or partially used items will not be credited. Refund will not be issued if the product is damaged.

7. Items which are returned because of quality issued will be refunded only after quality assessment as per our ISO 9001:2015 criteria. Also, if the product is really found unacceptable or unmatched with promised item, only them the price will be refunded.

8. Credits and refunds can take up to one month to be processed and it depends on the size of the return. Since the day customer get our credit memo through e-mail, it may take 10-12 working days to process refund before arising on the statement.

9. Our company does not take any responsibility for damages, loss or delay. Similarly, if additional insurance is required customers must notify us, or we ship consignments without insurance.