Extraction Method

Extraction Method

Essential Oil Distillation Method

For separating the Essential Oil, steam is flowed through the plant material which helps in vaporizing the compounds that are temperature sensitive and soluble in water. This process helps in getting mixture of vapors and essential oil which is later sent to condensing apparatus. Here, essential oil in liquid form is obtained and separated with the help of Florentine Separator. Steam distillation is widely preferred to retain fine aromas which are impossible or very tough to get from our distillation processes.

Cold Pressed

  1. The very first step is filtration through which the seeds are sent through narrow spaces with the help of air propulsion equipment to have them free from impurities
  2. Later, the seeds are mixed into a paste through conventional stainless steel presses or heavy granite millstones
  3. With the help of a rotating screw, the partially solid paste is stirred gently with the aim to separate oil from solid chunks. By applying the pressure, oil is extracted. This procedure is executed very gently because a slight rise in temperature may destroy the quality and properties of essential oil.
  4. The extracted oil then undergoes different filtration processes which remove pulp, peels, and pieces from it. Later, the obtained oil is again filtered by passing through a paper or cloth to check that it is free from impurities
  5. The final step is called decantation which removes sediments with sheer gravity to get 100% natural oil with the finest consistency

Solvent Extraction Method

The plant extract is kept in a tray and rinsed with a layer of solvent for dissolving fragrant compounds. To make the solvent penetrate the plant material completely, spinning or physically breaking up the plant in a rotating drum is suggested. The obtained mixture is later filtered to separate the plant extract and eliminate excess solvent. The result of this procedure is a dense material called “concrete’ which has main fragrant compounds belong to the plant and also a variety of different  lipid soluble compounds. The concrete is processed later with a different solvent (an ethanol similar with alcohol). After the second round of vacuum distillation which is done to separate the solvent of absolute remains. Jasmine and Vanilla are the most common absolutes which are extracted by this method which is preferred for producing rich and authentic  fragrances absolute.