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Q. What is the best way to apply Essential Oil?
Diluting the essential oil in water, carrier oil or lotion are highly recommended to get the best results of aromatherapy.

Q. Are the Essential Oils we offer can be used internally?
As the Essential Oils are highly concentrated, they can cause serious bad effect if used internally without the recommendation of experts. There are customers who use our Essential Oils internally only because of the suggestion of professionals. Although, we do not recommend to use the range internally.

Q. How to use Essential Oils?
Topically – Apply Essential Oil on the skin directly or mix it with carrier oil
Internally – Certain Essential oil are available in markets which can be specifically used internally
Aromatically –  Put some amount of Essential Oil air diffuser or directly sprinkle it in the air

Q. In how much time Essential Oils get expired?
Most of the essential oils carry a shelf life up to 3 years, if well-stored, tightly sealed and kept in the right cold conditions. There are some Oils like patcholi which do not get expired before 10 years or more.

Q. What is an Essential Oil?
An Essential oil is obtained from natural extract of plants and herbs and is used in aromatherapy. The product is highly concentrated in nature and preferred for their effective healing properties.

Q. Fragrance Oils and Essential Oils are same or different ?
Both the products are completely different as essential oils are extracted from plants, whereas fragrance oils are processed in labs synthetically.

Q. Can we apply Essential Oils directly on skin?
Mostly, essential oils are recommended to be diluted with lotion or carrier oil before the use. Applying directly on skin can sometimes cause damage or burn as they are highly concentrated in nature. Studies have shown that Essential oil can enter the skin and run through the bloodstream which is highly dangerous. Hence, you should always use the item with carrier oil to decrease the chance of any type of irritation and damage.

Q. Is it safe for pregnant women to use Essential Oils?
Yes Essential oil can be used with caution in pregnancy. It is suggested to avoid its usage during first trimester and only start with its light use. Some of the essential oils like jasmine, geranium, mandarin, tangerine, grapefruit, neroli and ylang ylang are considered completely safe to be used during pregnancy.

Q. Do we need to dilute the Essential Oils while using topically?
Essential oils are not suggested to be applied on skin directly. However, some of the oils like  chamomile, lavender and rose are considered safe to be applied on unbroken skin and diluting is still recommended. Essential oils are considered as  volatile in nature but after dilution, the evaporation becomes slower. After getting diluted essential oils reached to the skin easily as well as less quantity is used.

Q. Where does Essential Oils obtained from?
Essential Oils are procured from different parts of the plants like flower, leaf, roots and bark.

Q. Is is necessary to always do a skin test before applying essential oils topically?
If you ever feel itchy or uncomfortable after applying the oil, stop using it right away. To avoid such problems, dilution of essential oils with carrier oils are highly recommended.

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