Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil For Hair Care

Are you someone who ends up getting strands of hair all the time you run fingers through your hair? If yes, then Ylang-Ylang Oil is the right product for you.

Never heard of this oil before? Well, this oil is gaining popularity with time. Until this decade, Ylang-Ylang oil was hardly mentioned anywhere but with rising issues like hair fall, of which leading contributing factors are bad nutrition, less sleep, stress, pollution and dandruff, this oil came into limelight.

Ylang-Ylang oil has the potential to solve all your hair growth woes in the right way. For most of you who don’t know Ylang-Ylang oil is extracted from fresh yellow flowers of the Ylang tree and is majorly used by aroma therapists and cosmetics production companies.

If you have a dry scalp, then trust me there’s no good oil as Ylang-Ylang to experience great hair growth with smooth texture and lustrous look. Lack of oil over scalp makes hair brittle and dry and increases breakage, but ylang-ylang oil in mixture with warm carrier oil can reduce hair breakage and improve hair texture.

Ylang-Ylang oil is a wonder product for hair care because it:

Repels head lice- Ylang-ylang oil with coconut and other carrier oils can be applied to hair to get rid of lice as well as other infections in no time. This mixture has antiseptic properties, which works extremely well in repelling head lice. Acts as a tonic for scalp- Reduction in oily and wet sensation is the work of ylang-ylang oil. It strengthens hair follicles, minimizes painful breakouts and promotes excellent hair growth.

Is an effective natural conditioner- Locking moisture is a key feature of conditioner, which ylang-ylang oil performs well because it has the force of percolating scalp, making hair softer and silkier.

Caring for hair in this age for a dry and itchy scalp is important and the best way is using ylang-ylang oil, in both its real form and in mixture with carrier oils or other essential oil. Hair texture bettering ylang-ylang oil works as a sedative, fights infections and leave you with nothing but shiny and beautiful hair